Lynda's Voice

Perfecting Your Message with Clarity, Precision, and Authenticity

Lynda's Voice

Perfecting Your Message with Clarity, Precision, and Authenticity

Are you looking For a Professional voice to embody your vision?

As an experienced voice artist, I understand your unique challenges in finding the right voice for your project. It's not just about the sound but the emotion, clarity, and authenticity that engages listeners. Whether it's a corporate presentation or a complex medical narration, trust me to bring your words to life. Get in touch today.

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Enhance Your Professional Image

Every business has its unique voice and tone. I help you find and amplify yours. With 35 years of experience as a professional communicator,

Perfect Your Script

An outstanding voiceover performance begins with a great script. That's where my writing and editing skills come into play. I can help craft or refine your scripts to ensure they are

Fluent in the Language of Healthcare

Medical jargon can be complex, but with my extensive knowledge and experience in medical communications, I ensure your healthcare message

Tailor Voiceovers for Your Unique Industry

With my versatile voicing and language expertise, i can easily adapt to your specific needs and goals.

Narration of English and Spanish Content

Reach a wider audience with professional voiceover narration services in English and Spanish. From corporate presentations to instructional videos, I create high-quality voiceovers that engage and resonate with your audience. With a focus on clear enunciation and a professional tone, I bring authenticity and emotion to every project. I work closely with a certified translator with the acumen to translate between English and Spanish.

Voice Script Writing

Ensure your message is complelling, well structured, and grammatically sound. You and your brand will reap the benefits of Lynda's decades of experience as a professional writer.

Script Editing

Expert script editing services to help refine your existing voiceover script and ensure it effectively communicates your message.

Script Enhancement

Whether you need to tighten your script for a specific spot length or refine its overall content and flow, I can help! Your message till be fine-tuned to your desired specifications.

Other Specialty Services

These services include promotional materials, graphic design (including infographics), animation, promotional materials, website content, and language translation.

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“Lynda has an incredible voice that our clients are always seeking, not only in the English language but she is also proficient in the Spanish language. Her versatility makes her a very sought-after voiceover artist. Not only is her voice impeccable but she is a pleasure so work with as well. I highly recommend her!”

Michelle Summers, VO Planet